It’s official, the unbuilt portion of the old Nashville Highlands PUD was cancelled by Metro Council on February 16, 2016.  In its place, they adopted a new SP to protect 200 acres as open space.  This is what we set out to achieve, thank you everyone!  The final bill can be found here.

The original PUD:

  • Allowed for 864 new units to be built
  • Allowed removing tops of undisturbed ridges and disturbing stream valleys
  • Allowed substantial disruption of watershed above the Belle Forest Condos
  • Allowed substantial development across a 200 acre intact forest

The new SP (see MPC Staff Report):

  • Allows for 360 new units to be built
  • Does not allow for ridgetop removal or stream valley filling
  • Limits the footprint to less than 14 acres, 70% of which was recently disturbed
  • Protects 196 acres of intact forest